• Rachel Silverman

First Comes Acceptance, Then Comes Change

Have you been thinking about making some healthy changes to your lifestyle? Maybe you’ve contemplated hiring a personal trainer or a nutrition coach. That’s great! Both of those would be amazing investments in yourself. 

First let me say, you are perfect exactly as you are right now. Why? Because I truly believe that there’s a greater, maybe even divine, plan for you at play. You aren’t in your current set of circumstances by accident. 

If your health has dropped down low on your priority list the past few weeks, months, years, or even decades, that’s okay. This is simply a part of your journey, and it’s happening for a reason.

So, what’s the reason? In my opinion, no matter what the circumstance, there are only two possible reasons why things happen: to grow yourself or to help someone else grow.

Maybe it’s in your plan to gain excess weight and then learn how to lose it, so that in the future you can help a loved one to do the same, or maybe going through the struggle of weight loss is the only way for you to acquire the mental strength necessary to achieve your goals at work. Who knows...

What I do know is that in order to make positive changes to your life, you must first accept where you currently are. It’s easy to dwell on the parts of ourselves that we don’t like, but ruminating over our flaws does nothing to improve them.

You don’t have to love your body or your life right away, because I know how difficult that can be at the beginning of a health journey. Just like in a romantic relationship, genuine love takes time to develop. All I’m asking is that you accept yourself as you are right now.

Once you've accepted your life and how you look in the present moment, you’re ready to move forward and make the decision to change! 



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