Rachel is a fabulous trainer that kept me motivated and accountable. Most importantly, she LISTENED to my concerns and based my workouts on them. She is dependable, adaptable and pleasant to work with. I highly recommend her!!- K.R.

I have made many attempts over the last decade to get healthier by joining a gym, employing a trainer, etc. Either I gave up on my own because I simply hated exercise, or felt so intimidated or browbeaten that I was miserable... and then gave up. Rachel has made all the difference for me. She has been a thorough and thoughtful trainer, to be sure, but she also made me feel welcome in a space I have traditionally been uncomfortable in. She has praised my successes while still pushing me forward. She has inspired me to continually work out, even when she’s unavailable. For the first time in my life, I genuinely enjoy going to the gym—and I credit this entirely to her. She’s a marvel.- R.B.

Rachel was extremely thorough in her research about my injured areas and was able to work around them and still keep my training goals on track. She has interesting names for exercises which made me smile and the workouts were fun even though I was working hard. She encourages you every step of the way and is an excellent trainer.- A.H.

Rachel is a great personal trainer. She listens to her clients and customizes the session for their needs. Her creativity keeps things interesting from week to week, and her optimism and enthusiasm ensures a good time. I loved my time working with her!- K.B.

Rachel was the very first trainer I ever worked with and also she led my very first workout after not working out for 15+ years. She is professional but also approachable and has always made me feel more than comfortable in the workout setting. She is always coming up with new exercises that are fun and simple yet highly effective. I would highly recommend hiring her no matter what your fitness level is. She will help you achieve your goals whatever they may be and I bet you'll have fun too!- J.S.

I have always loved working out with Rachel. Her workouts are challenging and push you to explore your limits but you never feel that they are beyond your capabilities. Rachel always makes sure that you are moving correctly by watching and correcting your form so you won’t be injured. In addition to her professionalism, Rachel just makes working out fun and something to look forward to.- K.F.

Rachel is a professional who took the time to understand my goals and develop a constantly-changing routine. This really helped me improve my fitness and flexibility.- D.B

The first time I met Rachel, she was smiling which made me felt at ease, she was very informational about the program, and welcoming. When we sat down to discuss my goals she listened and genuinely cared and suggested how she could help me in reaching them. Since my journey began, I have succeeded because of her encouragement. I will always remember Rachel telling me when the weight would not come off: “It’s not the number on the scale, it is how you feel and how your clothes fit.” With Rachel’s help I am now in better health and have more energy and strength.- D.A.

It’s my pleasure to recommend my personal trainer Rachel Silverman. I’ve known Rachel for almost a year and can attest to her strength of character and compassion for others.- A.A.


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